Enkaku Chiryo

直傳靈気 遠隔治療
Distance Reiki therapy


JIKIDEN Reiki Enkaku Chiryo (Distance Reiki therapy) is a very distinct feature of traditional USUI Reiki Ryoho.

The person who want to receive Reiki wherever He /she is,
can receive Reiki from Reiki therapist. Reiki therapist use Enkaku Chiryo ( Distance Reiki) in order to connect with the person who want to receive Reiki.
For to help healing Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and/or Spiritually.

The Reiki goes directly to whatever the person needs healed most at the time they receive it.

During Enkaku Chiryo (Distance Reiki) session, the person who want to receiving Reiki has to do is aware of receiving Reiki.
(*if the person who is difficult to aware of receiving Reiki, Reiki healer still can send it to.)


Distance Reiki therapy
30 minutes : US $30


Whats we needs from you:

1. Fulll name
Date of Birth
3. Gender
4. Reason for getting long distance Reiki therapy

Also if it possible, a photo of the person who wants to receive Reiki. 

Make Appointment

• Email: mail@reikian.org    

Please write ( in English or 日本語 ) about informations who wants to recieve Enkaku Chiryo.

  1. Name 
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Gender
  4. Reason for receiving Enkaku Reiki 
  5. Date and Time (at your local time) - you want schedule Enkaku Chiryo / long distance Reiki therapy 
  6. Email address or telephone number where we can reach you
When we receive your email, will reply you with more information within 24 hours.
• Phone : +1 386-689-5226 Reiki An

* *  After your appointment confirmed, please use below for treatment fee * *


Distance Reiki Therapy

30 minutes $30.00

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