Reiki Session TEATE Ryoho


This is the Hands-On Reiki (TEATE Ryoho) healing Session.

While the TEATE Ryoho Reiki session is performed,

the client lies down or sits down fully clothed.

Reiki flows through the Reiki therapist's hands,

which are placed on the client's body, front and back.

Reiki goes wherever it is needed the most, in necessary amounts,

and heals physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.



Reiki session (TEATE Ryoho)


Relaxation and Healing

60 minutes session

cost : US $70




30 minutes session

cost : US $50


Location : Abundant Health Day Spa


New Smyrna Beach, Florida




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Email: Please write an email (in English or Japanese) with your name, telephone number or email address and the date you want to make a appintment.

• Telephone : +1 386-689-5226 (Sadako)


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